SMC Review...
SMC, Legitimate Money Making Home Business Opportunity Or Scam?....You Decide
SMC, A.K.A Specialty Merchandise Corporation, for years (I may be dating myself here) their spokes person was Mr cunningham (Tom Bosely) from the 70's tv show Happy Days. Great choice for a spokesperson , he's a pretty soft likable tv personality with an honest face, but making money in a home business no matter who the spokesperson is an entirely different story.

So What is SMC anyway?

Basically you get to buy their goods (pretty much general merchandise stuff) at a discount and then sell it for a higher price which actually isn't bad for the stuff you want to keep for yourself. 
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On the other hand making money from home marketing hundreds of products is a difficult task. If you plan on using the Internet, you cold pick only a handful of those products and preferably all within one niche. To really make any sales you would have to dominate the competition which can be done, but not for hundreds of products.

SMC is more of a flee market type business and if you don't mind taking up your weekends sitting at a flee market, this may be for you. I sure if you found a flee market with a bunch of traffic that you could make a few hundred bucks in a weekend.

What the cost of SMC?

The SMC Gold Package is about 300 bucks with a coupon for $100 in SMC merchandise. 

The SMC Silver package is basically a financing option of the gold which is $29.95 up front and then 11 payments of $39.95 which brings to just shy of $500 bucks.

Now if you want to use the Internet to market your products online, that's an additional $29.95 a month.

Now this is not a huge expense to start a business, but if you are looking to use swap meets or flee markets to sell your products, you will have to purchase some inventory and store it which presents problems of it's own depending on the space you have available.

Lastly you must consider that you will need to transport your merchandise and pay for space in the flee market or swap meet.

As I mentioned earlier, using the Internet to market a wide variety of products is a daunting task and if you are considering this approach, I suggest you pick one product niche and market that exclusively until you can really dominate a market and then look to add other products.

Lastly you must consider the product mark up and what your return on investment will be at the end of the day. You have to move a lot of product if you are only making 10 or 20 bucks a sale to make any significant income.

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There is defiantly more than meets the eye with SMC and looks to be more of a part time hobby to make a few bucks rather than a home business which you can generate a substantial income from.

If you feel SMC is what you are looking for than go for it. If not, keep searching until you find something that fits.

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Good Luck!

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