An EvolvHealth Review
"The Chilling Facts About EvolvHealth's Future!"
Is EvolvHealth just another health and wellness company peddling their potion in the MLM industry to make a select few wealthy? A fact in the over saturated multi level marketing industry is that 97% of people will fail and 70% of the MLM industry and how you can avoid becoming a victim.

EvolvHealth Product Review

Are you tired of hearing about the next best health drink that is going to make you live until 100 years of age? EvolvHealth's nutraceutical drink claims to increase stamina and energy, fight off toxins, increase individuals alertness and overall a make them a healthier person. Sounds like a product that may be able help people. The reality is that EvolvHealth may have a patented technology with their nutraceutical beverage, and it may even provide a benefit to the consumer, but does that mean that you will succeed at the opportunity? MLM companies talk about is how great their product is and how it will change your life. The reality is a product will never do that. It simply comes down to marketing. Will EvolvHealth market the opportunity effectively? Will they provide distributors with the proper tools?

EvlovHealth Opportunity Review

Founder Trey White states on his video "you can help those you know and love". You can tell your friends and family about this opportunity and you will soon realize that simply doesn't work. Your family and friends are not marketers or entrepreneurs. In the same video he also states that EvolvHealth will have web 2.0 strategies and Internet marketing strategies and tools for its members to market. If the plan is to convince your friends and family to use this marketing system without them looking for the marketing system to begin with, most likely they will not use it. The biggest mistake is that everyone thinks marketing is about telling people how great the product when all you have to do is speak the audiences language, talk about the problems or pain they are having and provide a solution. If EvolvHealth's strategy is to convince people rather then placing a targeted offer in front of people who are looking for an opportunity they will fail like the other 97% who tried.

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Founder Trey White also describes this company as a direct sales business. Do not get it confused, this is a multi level marketing company. If you have to put people in the business in order to make big bucks off of different levels then it is MLM. Do not let them convince you that you can just sell the product and make money. You didn't sign up to be a drink distributor did you?

Even if people are having some form of success by attaining new members, will that amount of people going in be more than the people who quit and do not succeed. Downline attrition happens when distributors do not see the results they expected, when the company changes their compensation plan or the company's financial structure, or because their distributor's will be interested in getting the next top spot on the pyramid in the new pre-launch MLM company. We can't ignore the fact that the multi level marketing industry is a broken business model. Are you comfortable building a downline of thousands only to realize that you can lose that residual income in less than a week, when it took you months to build? Would you be more comfortable using a system and technology to lever your time, a system that does all the sifting and sorting for you, that promotes a direct sales opportunity where you get paid today and not after you have to build a team of hundreds months down the road? Would you prefer to rely on only on you?

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