OurGV Review
"What the Leaders Failed to Tell You!"
OurGV Review

A new company has recently launched in the MLM industry called OurGV. Is OurGV another MLM similar to Shop To Earn, where downline attrition is astronomical and residual income is impossible to attain? This OurGV review will determine if this is a true wealth opportunity, or just another online shopping mall trying to recruit distributors and change their shopping habits?

OurGV Product Review

There is no product. OurGV is strictly affiliate based. Everyone that signs up receives a so called shopping mall with access to 1500+ stores that give rebates for what you purchase. The idea is to purchase your essential needs (toilet paper, napkins, detergent, etc..) through the online mall and get discounts on these products. What they don't tell you is that you can find these discounts, and even better ones on the internet yourself. Also, many of these online stores do not offer free shipping. The ones that do offer free shipping hold you to a certain amount of money to be spent to get the free shipping.

OurGV Opportunity Review

Affiliate commissions are paid out from stores anywhere from 1-10%. That means if someone were to spend $100 (not including tax & shipping) at a store that paid out 10% (most don't pay that high), that store would pay OurGV.com $10 (only if the purchase was made thru the OurGV Shopping Mall. Everything is based on BV's (business volume). So in this case there would be 10 BV's generated. At least 50% goes to Rebates and/or Referral Bonuses and 10% goes into the OurGV Worldwide Profit-Sharing system.

So in the example above, there was 10 BV's generated, at least 50% or $5 would be paid out in Rebates and/or Bonuses. How much of that you would get, depends on your website package, status, and relationship to the purchaser, and at least 10% of the BV's in this case $1.00 would have profit sharing paid on it.

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OurGV leaders teach their members to write down a list of family and friends who can benefit from this online shopping mall, and to invite them to a conference call, a live business presentation, a home meeting or 3 way phone call with one of the leaders. This was a marketing technique of Shop to Earn, which I personally was involved with and can tell you that strategy definitely doesn't work. OurGV is almost identical to the MLM, Shop to Earn, which I also reviewed will point out similarities to this OurGV review and is an obvious competitor. This type of marketing is primitive and simply does not work anymore. Family & friends are not the people you should be targeting for any business, let alone OurGV.

If OurGV fails to provide their distributors with internet marketing training for their opportunity, they will fail because of a poor retention rate of members within the company. Based on my extensive experience in the industry, 97% FAIL MLM and stop paying the required monthly fee if the opportunity is not producing the member's expected results. That means OurGV will have to provide distributors with a powerful and effective lead generation marketing system, auto responders to market their prospects, internet marketing tools and strategies, and training modules, besides the leadership development they claim to provide in order to achieve profitable results.

This OurGV Review will make one thing clear. A multi level marketing company cannot profit from recruiting alone. The attorney general classifies any MLM that makes most of their money from recruiting, and has no real products, will be categorized as a ponzi scheme and shut down.

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